The Resource Group

To meet changing market demands, The Resource Group member agencies organized to provide Manufacturers and Resellers with the tools and services to operate on a level far superior to the sum of their parts. The Resource Group formed intending to give the personnel infrastructure to capitalize on the different agencies’ regional expertise.  The original intention actualized, The Resource Group has developed into far more. Transforming the process-driven approach includes forward-thinking and consistent management, powerful technology, and specialized personnel, The Resource Group deploys its growth resources to enhance sales activities for greater results.

The collective experience of the agencies involved provided communal knowledge that active leadership produces effective sales and marketing programs. Providing a structured and understandable management model makes The Resource Group a more efficient and effective system to employ its resources to their full potential.

The Resource Group has found that whatever the tool may be, it needs to be deployed with expertise to make the process move forward.  Major investments in technology infrastructure, such as thoughtfully developed CRM programs and a thoroughly devised PIM system, have proven that The Resource Group implements realized benefits. 

The leadership development and technology deployment has provided The Resource Group a position to station personnel to champion Manufacturers or Resellers that need unique attention. Developing these specialized programs has created a highly effective and calculated difference.In the collaborative effort to bring regional expertise to national coverage, The Resource Group has developed infrastructure far exceeding sales and marketing agencies’ expected tools and services. The Resource Group is a network driven by its commitment to proven processes for calculated results in manufacturing operations and reseller groups.

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