Learning from the Pandemic: Productive Collaboration

The Resource Group | Midwest has long been working with collaborative tools to maximize the productivity of our team in our environment. However, much of these tools meant nothing when distanced not just by a desk but by the distances between our homes.  Thrust into a reset and determined to focus our collaborative efforts, The Resource Group | Midwest reassessed not only our existing practices but our opportunities. Quickly, we discovered that we could do activities that would not only make the distance less of a barrier, but also improve our work once we came back together. 

Every morning, without the same constrictions of availability, The Resource Group | Midwest began a practice of a morning meeting. Refining the skill constantly, these meetings started to shape three themes:

  • Reinforce goals and objectives
  • Specify immediate priorities
  • Accelerate progress sharing exercises

The practices showed that collaboration is more than just working together; it can ensure that collaboration is at its best. Instead of working together to complete, we worked together to improve work more productively.

Every day, The Resource Group | Midwest reassesses itself and its opportunities to create the synergy collaboration presents. The improvements to our daily practices that these meetings provided have been substantial. The system is not stopping as we return to regular activities. The pandemic changed how we work, not that we work together. Make crisis an opportunity.

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