Resource Spotlight: Incomar Services

“Traditional marketing talks at people. Content marketing talks with them.’” – Doug Kessler, Creative Director at Velocity Partners

When you land on a product page, does it communicate all the features, benefits, and associated solutions that the product offers? Is what you see strong enough to persuade you to buy the product? Conversion to basket is largely dependent on the content that is loaded onto a page, and this content is a part of the focus of our affiliate company, Incomar Services.

Incomar is a creative services company who operates on a philosophy of “strategy, creation, and integration.” They specialize in creating best in class content that tells a visual story, working to produce high-quality images, high impact HD videos, optimized copy, and dynamic social media strategies that drive sales. By using an integrated content marketing strategy that works toward having all content speak with the same persuasive voice on a customer’s website, Incomar can give customers the multipurpose assets they need to help persuade the end user to convert to basket from whatever page they land on.

Through consistent strategy in creation that keeps specific integration challenges in mind, Incomar can set the correct expectations for customers and ensure that those expectations are met. As a marketing group who is focused on strategy, creation, and integration, Incomar’s creative services stand out.

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