It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.

— Albert Einstein

At a meeting of my sales colleagues, one individual shared a story. This individual explained how it took sending the same introductory email requesting a meeting eight times – the exact same correspondance sent to the same person over and over again – before receiving a response.

A meeting was scheduled, but before it took place, my colleague was informed that the person who was supposed to attend the meeting had been assigned to new responsibilities. A new person was taking over that position.

My colleague repeated the process of sending introductory emails requesting a meeting.  The meeting took place as scheduled, but when they sat down to talk, the discussion revealed that the wrong person from the company was sitting at the table. My colleague was directed to contact another individual. For the third time, my colleague began the process of sending the introductory email and requesting a meeting. Finally, my colleague was able to advance beyond the introductory email and went through the steps of ideation, proposal, test marketing, sales test and final placement. It took three years, but my colleague ended up with a sales win. As I listened to my colleague’s story, it reminded me of what I already knew, and you know as well. Persistance and a belief that you can achieve your goal pays off. But it’s always good to hear that it works.

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