Social Media for Business

Social media continues to gain momentum in the press and in our personal lives. Our inboxes are full of emails promoting new platforms, changes to existing platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) and clever ideas to help leverage these as tools for business growth. So, why don’t more businesses take advantage of social media platforms to create more opportunities

These user-friendly “tools” are at our fingertips just waiting to be utilized. If more businesses were to engage in the use of a solid social media strategy and consistently execute on that strategy, surely the door would open to more communication, allowing others to learn more about a given business. And we can borrow ideas from each other and adapt best practices that both inform and entertain the communities we want to engage.

The following are links that show examples of creative and clever ideas that accomplish the goals of engaging and informing:

From Smart-Fab comes a Facebook campaign to demonstrate, through a video and an accompanying lesson plan, how to use Smart-Fab in a classroom. Check them out on Facebook or visit their website.

Tombow USA engages users on Facebook with a video in the Cover Photo.  The video shows, through simulated illustration, how Tombow products are used.  This is a very creative and engaging use of social media. View it here.

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