Know Your Reseller

We are living in a rapidly changing business environment with increased end user, and reseller demands. The empowered end user requirements to make a purchasing decision have changed how our resellers and manufacturers go to market. Having a deep knowledge of the end user requirements and our resellers capabilities allows for us to increase sales.

Managing these demands and the relationships with our resellers to engage is a core competence.

Engaging the Platforms

Ten years ago, the prevailing practice was straightforward; sales and marketing agencies presented merchandising resellers everything they had about manufacturers’ products, and every account received more or less the same materials. But in today’s digital business world, resellers have different platforms, user interfaces and affiliations.  The knowledge to differentiate between different resellers capabilities and relationships to engage makes a difference.

Working with merchandising resellers today requires more attention, more time and more resources. As a result, Midwest Resource Group is having different kinds of conversations with our manufacturing partners and valued resellers. We are totally engaged with our resellers’ organizations at multiple levels and departments, so we have a clear understanding of their interface, digital capabilities, affiliations and partnerships.

Deliver Comprehensive, Customized Assets

It takes more than a territory manager alone to provide resellers with this level of expertise and service. Midwest Resource Group’s office staff includes a robust team of experienced e-commerce professionals who collaborate with territory managers to design and deploy customized, advanced systems for more effective delivery. Our proven process results in strong relationships and continued growth for our customers.

If you’d like to learn more about how Midwest Resource Group will leverage the power of its valued relationships with resellers and distribution channels to grow your market, contact


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