Our Investment Strategy Yields Results!

Posted by Midwest Resource Group on November 21, 2017
Category: Blog
  What are you doing to understand, examine, and help improve your presentation on your customers sites?   At Midwest Resource Group, we invest our time and energy to engage our resellers to enhance the product presentation. Our work is based on proven strategic processes, while we accept and realize that there is not always a singular answer to most questions. Every single reseller is a universe in and of itself, and we embrace those differences.
    Have you ever wondered how to pick the best pencil when you are doing a lettering project? There are so many kinds of pencils out there and it’s not always clear which is the best to use in specific situations.   THE PERFECT PENCIL SET!   The Tombow Mono Drawing Pencil Set is a must-have for any lettering artist! I often get asked by other letterers which kind of Tombow Mono Drawing Pencil that I use… and