Know Your Reseller

We are living in a rapidly changing business environment with increased end user, and reseller demands. The empowered end user requirements to make a purchasing decision have changed how our resellers and manufacturers go to market. Having a deep knowledge of the end user requirements and our resellers capabilities allows for us to increase sales.

Managing these demands and the relationships with our resellers to engage is a core competence.

Engaging the Platforms

Ten years ago, the prevailing practice was straightforward; sales and marketing agencies presented merchandising resellers everything they had about manufacturers’ products, and every account received more or less the same materials. But in today’s digital business world, resellers have different platforms, user interfaces and affiliations.  The knowledge to differentiate between different resellers capabilities and relationships to engage makes a difference.

Working with merchandising resellers today requires more attention, more time and more resources. As a result, Midwest Resource Group is having different kinds of conversations with our manufacturing partners and valued resellers. We are totally engaged with our resellers’ organizations at multiple levels and departments, so we have a clear understanding of their interface, digital capabilities, affiliations and partnerships.

Deliver Comprehensive, Customized Assets

It takes more than a territory manager alone to provide resellers with this level of expertise and service. Midwest Resource Group’s office staff includes a robust team of experienced e-commerce professionals who collaborate with territory managers to design and deploy customized, advanced systems for more effective delivery. Our proven process results in strong relationships and continued growth for our customers.

If you’d like to learn more about how Midwest Resource Group will leverage the power of its valued relationships with resellers and distribution channels to grow your market, contact


Organization just got easier with Deflecto’s Stackable Caddy Organizer!


Deflecto’s Stackable Caddy Organizer is essential for bringing supplies with you, or organizing a small space. Stack and carry multiple caddies using the lift & lock feature—up to 40 pounds combined! Hinged snap-tight lids keep items secure and are easy to remove when you’re ready to work



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Create Your Own Tombow Monday Punday Card!

Hi there everyone! And happy Monday Punday!

This blog is courtesy of Devan Hiers who normally works behind-the-scenes on the Tombow’s marketing team, but today is showing us how to create a punny little celebration card!


Step One:

Sketch it out! I chose the pun “Lettuce Celebrate” with an adorable little head of lettuce. Using the MONO Drawing Pencil in 3H and the MONO Dust Catch Eraser to fix my mistakes – I sketched out my design.

How to make a punny watercolor card using #Tombow Dual Brush Pens

Step Two:

Time for some color! My favorite thing about the Dual Brush Pens is that they are water-based so they can be used to create watercolor effects! Using Dual Brush Pens 126, 098, and 249, I randomly scribbled the various shades of green all around the lettuce. I then used a paintbrush and water to create the watercolor effect!

How to make a punny watercolor card using #Tombow Dual Brush Pens

Step Three:

More color! Using the same watercolor technique, I added the Dual Brush Pens in colors 925, 493, 725, 055, and 636 to the word “lettuce” and to his little birthday hat.

How to make a punny watercolor card using #Tombow Dual Brush Pens

Step Four:

Draw your outlines! Because the Dual Brush Pens are water-based, I used the MONO Twin Permanent Marker to outline so I wouldn’t get any mixing or blending where I didn’t want it. Lastly, I used the MONO Twin Permanent Marker to write over the word “celebrate!” And to spice it up a little I added some confetti using the fine tip of the Dual Brush Pens.

How to make a punny watercolor card using #Tombow Dual Brush Pens

And there you have it! A cute little card to give to anyone in your life who is celebrating. We would love to see your Monday Punday creations so tag us on Instagram @TombowUSA!

How to make a punny watercolor card using #Tombow Dual Brush Pens

Selling vs Administrating

Back when I was beginning my sales career, a senior representative was assigned the task of showing me the ropes. He gave me one piece of advice:

“If you want to be successful in sales, get up one hour earlier and stay up one hour later. Use that time to make one extra call each day. It may not seem like a lot, but at the end of the year you’ve made 250 additional calls. Those additional calls will make you successful.”

Administrative Sales Support is a Key to Success

This approach to sales worked well because of how we did business back in those days. The more time you focused on building relationships and selling, the more successful you were. And you could focus nearly all your time on selling, because you had limited administrative needs and most organizations had ample internal support.

There were people who personally answered calls throughout the business day, instead of calls going into voice mail. People who answered questions and provided information on the spot. People who engaged in solving customers’ problems.

With limited administrative needs, the requirements usually did not call for customization and individualized attention. When it came to creating sales presentations, for example, one size usually fit all. The additional resellers’ demands for support and resources weren’t administratively complicated to fulfill.

Fast Forward to the Present

The current business landscape is far more challenging for sales and marketing professionals. Today’s territory managers are time challenged because they’re doing significantly more administrative work to meet the demands of resellers.

Increased Administrative Tasks

In many sales organizations—internal or external—the trend has been to reduce staff and to automate tasks. At the same time, the number of communications channels we use has grown to webinars, emails, texts, phone, and face-to-face contact. In addition, volume of communications has increased exponentially.

We all know how many emails are typically received per customer, per week. They add up to hundreds (and thousands) of communications. It can take an overwhelming amount of time to manage and respond to each one.

Increased Resellers’ Demands and Needs

Addressing reseller’s demands requires greater customization and expertise. For example, here are just a few of the tasks that need to be performed or oversee:

  • Item set-up
  • Digital marketing plans
  • Program management
  • Engagement strategy
  • Collateral materials

Are we selling or are we administrating?

Inevitably, these communications and needs demand administrative attention along with the core sales and relationship building needed for successful transactions. With limited time, we need to answer both requirements.

At Midwest Resource Group, we emphasize what others have been forced to de-emphasize: a dedicated, full-service administrative department. That gives our managing partners and territory managers more time to devote to building relationships and selling.  Working as a team with focused, trained, administrative experts acts as a force multiplier in the sales process. We can interface more and confidently fulfill the resellers’ requirements.

Times have changed, but, that advice my first sales mentor gave me, still holds some truth. However, to make the extra calls, we need to be able to focus and not be bogged down administratively.

-Dan Glass

Dahle PaperSAFE® 22080 Shredder


Dahle PaperSAFE® 22080 Document Shredder


Looking for the most convenient way to destroy confidential information? The PaperSAFE® 22080 auto-feed shredder by Dahle is oil-free, maintenance free, and remarkably hassle-free. It offers best-in-class features and noise reduction to support a productive work environment. This personal size shredder is ideal for destroying financial statements, tax information, or any other confidential documents that should not be seen by others.


Oil-Free Shredding

Wondering when your shredder was last oiled is no longer a concern. Through clever engineering, this machine maintains peak performance without oil. This PaperSAFE® shredder is not only convenient to use and economical to maintain, but also easier on the environment.

Auto-Feed Tray

Save time- Place up to 80 sheets in the auto-feed tray and walk away. It will even pull in stapled documents!

Whisper Quiet

Having a quiet work space is critical for productivity. This shredder features Whisper Quiet operation that produces the lowest decibel levels in its class. It’s perfect for shredding in a quiet office and not disturbing others nearby or on the phone.

Jam Protection

Fewer things are more frustrating than a paper jam. With built-in jam protection, this shredder prevents those annoyances. If sheet capacity is exceeded, the motor automatically stops and reverses to push the paper back out. This prevents a jam and makes it easy to re-feed fewer sheets.


Additional features such as automatic on/off, bin-full auto off, and energy saving standby mode make this shredder convenient to use, easy to maintain, and environmentally friendly.



 Auto-Feed Tray- Place up to 80 sheets of stapled paper in tray and walk away. 

Auto-Feed Tray- Place up to 80 sheets of stapled paper in tray and walk away.


Easy to empty waste bin- Lift the shredders top cover to easily empty the waste bin.

 Multi+Media- This machine easily shreds CD’s, credit cards, paper clips and staples.


Special Features

This Dahle shredder can shred up to 6/8 sheets of paper at a time.

Sheet Capacity
This Dahle shredder offers oil-free / maintenance-free shredding.

Oil-Free Shredding
This Dahle Shredder features Whisper Quiet Operation producing less noise and preventing disruption during use.

Whisper Quiet Operation
This Dahle Shredder features automatic Jam Protection. If sheet capacity is exceeded, the motor automatically stops and reverses to push the paper back out.

Auto Jam Protection
This Dahle Shredder is UL Listed.

UL Listed
This Dahle Shredder will shred staples, paper clips, credit cards, and CDs.

Will Shred Multi+Media